About Us

Welcome to Zafran Indian Bistro, the award-winning contemporary Indian restaurant in the heart of Dubai. At Zafran, we put the soul in Indian cuisine by bringing back the cherished nostalgia of culture, life and passion that is deep-rooted in the Indian subcontinent. Our menu at Zafran is a celebration of the diversity coursing through the veins of India — while there’s a mix of sought-after classics that stand strong, we give life to forgotten cuisines and ingredients that give way to a new narrative. We have recipes that will transport you to the golden Indian kitchens, veiled gems from northeast India, and robust recipes from India’s coastline.

As our name suggests, everything we offer is simple yet exquisite, just as the rich Indian spice, Saffron. At Zafran, we have taken a step back to witness the beautiful blend of cultures, practices and culinary evolution that has inspired us to present you with unforgettable flavors carefully curated in our kitchen with fresh and locally sourced ingredients and home-blend spices – the good old Indian way.

We put the soul in Indian, and we welcome you to dine with us and journey through a boisterous yet elegant India, only at Zafran. ​